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Rules for being an Aviation Ordnanceman

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  • Rules for being an Aviation Ordnanceman

    RULE #1 Always trust an Ordnanceman...They only lie for your own good.

    RULE #2 Never under any circumstances leave woman unattended while there are
    Ordnancemen in the vicinity, to include grandmas

    RULE #3 Foul language is trait inherent to Ordnancemen. Please don't be
    offended by it; they don't realize they can be offensive
    unless they try.

    RULE #4 Don't turn your back on an open or unopened alcoholic beverage.

    RULE #5 Always let an Ordnanceman drive, they know where they are going.
    NOTE: Unfortunately they don't always know where they are
    at the time.

    RULE #6 Never let an Ordnanceman file anything!

    RULE #7 Do not attempt to scare an Ordnanceman, as you never know what they
    may have in their hands...i.e. guns, munitions,

    RULE #8 Ordnancemen always say what's on their minds, feel free to be
    offended when you leave.

    RULE #9 Do not embarrass Ordnancemen, they do it very well on their own.

    RULE #10 WARNING!! If an Ordnanceman breaks into a dead run for no apparent
    reason please try and keep up.

    RULE #11 Ordnancemen are very supportive of the self-help program.

    RULE #12 Tuxedoes, Winter Service "A", suits, and shined boots/oxfords are
    not acceptable dress for Ordnance functions.

    RULE #13 Unattended women are always welcomed at Ordnancemen's social
    functions. (refer to rule #2)

    RULE #14 If it don't go "Boom"'s a dirt problem.

    RULE #15 Ordnancemen are the most loyal in the military. Treat them
    fairly, treat them well, and they'll kill or die for you. They may
    even invite you to an Ordnance social function.