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    I was wondering, how do i get the Airborne tab and the Mountain tab?

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    The Airborne Tab is only worn if you are assigned to an Airborne unit - even if you go through jump school, if you aren't assigned to an Airborne unit - you can't wear it.

    The Mountain Tab is only worn my the Tenth Mountain Division (Fort Drum, NY). You have to take it off when you are transferred out.

    Brian Raini


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      Can I get both tabs in my contract? and what do you mean by "You have to take it off when you are transferred out."?


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        I don't know that the 10th has an Airborne unit... so I doubt that you can get both.

        When you transfer out of an Airborne unit and go to a leg unit, you take off the Airborne tab and just use the new unit's patch. You keep the jump wings, you just can't claim that you are assigned to an Airborne unit any more.

        The only tabs that go with a soldier are the Ranger tab and the Special Forces tab.


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          Oh, okay, I get it. For the Airborne Units, are they self chosen or you get assigned to any?


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            You can apply for any of them, but there are no guarantees. BUT, if you get Airborne in your initial contract, you stand a MUCH better chance of getting an AB unit. Again, not guaranteed, but a better chance nonetheless.