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Military Pay Check Stub Example

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  • Military Pay Check Stub Example

    Have you guys seen a military pay check stub yet?

    I will put up a copy of my wife's from her first year of service. If you have any question, just ask!

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    Good idea to have this on here!

    There are some quirks in military pay that new folks should know.

    Let's say you are an E-3 and get promoted/advanced to E-4 on the 15th of the month. To make things easy, I'm using FAKE numbers for pay.
    E-3 gets $1500/mo
    E-4 gets $2000/mo
    Your LES/pay stub will give you REALLY wonky numbers.

    First off, they will pay you one full month as an E-3... Then they will pay you 15-days as an E-4... and THEN, they'll take back 15 days in E-3 pay.
    So that first block that lists "ENTITLEMENTS" will have two entries under "BASE PAY"
    BASE PAY 1500.00
    BASE PAY 1000.00

    Then in the "DEDUCTIONS" block, it will show the pay you are "losing"
    BASE PAY 750.00

    This is the half-month of E-3 pay you lose because you aren't an E-3 any more.

    They WILL explain this in the bottom block in REMARKS, but it usually is written in Swahili, so it can be confusing as heck.

    Oh, and if you are promoted and the paperwork doesn't get processed in a timely fashion (Promo on 15JUN, and they don't process it until 15AUG), you COULD end up with up to NINE entries of BASE PAY, showing that you are "being paid" BUTT LOADS of money... but it's all smoke and mirrors, because they are paying you for your old pay grade for June, July and August - then taking away - and then paying you for your new pay grade.

    And other thing - if you EVER get overpaid, do NOT go out and buy that new car, because Uncle Sugar _WILL_ be coming back for that money. Go ahead and transfer the overpaid money out of your direct deposit account into an interest-bearing account, and tell your Chain of Command. It may take a day or two for the Admin folks to find the error - or it may be MONTHS - but they _WILL_ find it. At that time, you will get a nasty-gram from HQ saying that you have XX days to repay the overpaid amount or they'll take it out of your checks. At that time, go ahead and put the money wherever you need to put it so you can write a check, and repay the overpayment amount. If nothing else, you'll make a couple of dollars in interest. I was overpaid $300 one month, and it took almost nine months to figure it all out. A friend was overpaid almost $12,000 and he went out and spent the money... and then got slammed with an Article 15, lost rank, and STILL had to repay the money.

    Brian Raini