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    Hey, Woody, thanks for the questions. I understand the frustration with, "Homeland Security," and it's as poor an answer as saying that the other services just shoot things...

    A1: In the Coast Guard (as well as the Navy), everyone is a firefighter. On board a Cutter, everyone has to take part, or everyone that survives will end up as a swimmer... BUT, DC's, and MK's are more commonly seen as firefighters. Our HS's take care of our medical needs, though AST's also get EMT-1 certified, and if missions dictate getting it, other units will send folks to get EMT certified. Flight medics are almost always AST's - though on rare occasions they'll send HS's along. Paramedics are HS's and AST's.

    A2: Petaluma, Cape May, and Yorktown bases all have their own fire departments. Other than having the HS's on call, we don't have an ambulance service.

    A3: We have Cutters, training teams, Law Enforcement Detachments and others all over the world. I was sent to Canada (does that count as foreign?), Puerto Rico, Ireland (several times), Italy, Spain, South Korea, Kuwait and Iraq... and I'm an MST. We've got six Cutters permanently stationed in the Persian Gulf, and we send our Polar Class Ice Breakers from the North Pole to Antarctica and everywhere in between. Several years back, when Russia invaded Georgia, the first US vessel there was the Coast Guard Cutter Dallas. We helped deliver humanitarian supplies (while the Navy sat right behind us with the big guns!!).

    So, yeah, we are all over the world.

    Brian Raini