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  • Medical History

    I am a non-contracted cadet in Army ROTC. I really want to serve and am looking at SMP (simultaneous membership program) for the end of my sophomore year. In this program I would go through MEPS, attend basic training if I so desired (I do) while being an ROTC cadet and earning my commission upon graduation. I am currently a freshman.

    I need to know if medical history will surface when going through MEPS. I know that asthma reliably diagnosed after the age of 13 is supposed to be disqualifying. I had one legitimate asthma attack when I was 4, but have not struggled with it since. However, when I was 16 I got very sick with the flu and it kicked into my lungs. The doctors called it asthma and put on my record as so. My pediatric record does have asthma as a condition, although I do think I was wrongly diagnosed. I did not include it on my college medical history record.

    Will this surface? I am qualified in every other matter. I have the highest GPA in my platoon, despite being in the hardest major (marine engineering with a minor in mechanical engineering) and a perfect score on the run and sit ups, and a decent score on the push ups on the PT test. My officer in charge chose me as one of the top two cadets, and I am the only female in my platoon. I know that I am qualified in every other way and i REALLY want to serve, but I need to know if i am wasting my time because of the medical history.

    Thank you!