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MEPS paperwork and my journey

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  • MEPS paperwork and my journey

    I'm 26 years old and am currently trying to join active duty army. I am married with two kids. About 9 months ago I began talking to the Air Force recruiter. After collecting all documentation and finishing paperwork my AF recruiter put in for my waivers. I needed waivers for my dependents (3), moral waiver (misdemeanor -non conviction at age 22), and FED (financial eligibility determination).

    After waiting for over 6 months I was never getting any response from my recruiter about any progress. And was always told the same thing (the Air Force is full right now and not accepting a lot of waivers). I have to be no older than 27 by the time I enter basic (for the AF). I was losing faith quickly.

    Let me preface this next part before I continue, but I had always imagined the Air Force as my only route for military service. Probably because it was the only service I felt like I knew the most about and because I spent 4 years in AFJROTC in high school.

    After being down and out about the AF I started talking to friends and family about the army. And their knowledge about the branch. So just recently (maybe a month ago) I went in to talk to an army recruiter. After talking to them I decided to pursue an army career. I thought about the fact that I would have a much better chance of getting a job I would enjoy (vs the AF), same pay and benefits, and maybe most importantly I don't need a waiver for my 3 dependents.

    While processing with the AF I went down to meps to take the ASVAB. I scored a 90 (all 125 or above on army line scores). So I knew my job selection would be almost wide open.

    I have now sent in my medical documents and transcripts and other paperwork (prob still waiting on my med read to come back). But my main two questions are about how long should I expect to wait before I can go to MEPS to process (what other paperwork might I need) and what are my chances of landing an intelligence job (35n)?

    Sorry for the rambling but I just wanted to explain my situation a little bit. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Hopefully Future Soldier