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MEps...probably dQ's, and other issue/concerns...

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  • MEps...probably dQ's, and other issue/concerns...

    I guess this would be my fault and if it happens i just lost opportunity. If i did lost opportunity, i just hope i get something to plan up. I haven't started ASVAB and enlistment process but overnalyzing on the farthest step even if I'm not in starting the process yet. I also filled out an AIr Force Reserve application and stated I'm not ready for enlistement as well.

    I'm 29...turning 30....and AF Reserve age is up to 34.

    is history of slight (depression) a disqualifier on air force /air force reserve?

    What if someone /anyone had depression for 1 or 2 years and gotten over depression and meds provided with the medical records and documentations to be clear off meds and stating i'm fit for military, are they able to join Air Force Reserve or any branch? I did have some minor depression but I'm off meds. I haven't taken any medication.

    is there a waiver for history of whatever or history of depression?

    But if not should I wait a year and not focus on military this time?

    Also if being disqualified at MEPS, what to do about it? What happens? Is there a chance to be able to join?

    For those who wanted to join military or the choice of branch that they wanted to join and were disqualified, how did you go about it and or how you dealt with it? Was anyone who was DQ'd able to be enlist?

    For those wanting to join Air Force or any of the branches and were disqualified, how did you feel about being disqualified?

    The reasons I want to join miitary is for me to gain skills and want be in the health services field in AIr Force Reserve. I also wanted to make a difference. I feel military has opportunities.

    As of now, it's hard to get a job nowadays in civillian world. I hate the economy. I really want to join but if I get DQ'd on the actual MEPS, I may just blew my chances.

    If I blew my chances, oh wells. That's life, I have to move on. Bleh.

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    Since you are spamming the boards with the same questions over and over, try this - I found it with a simple Google Search: - See pages 10 and 47:

    [from page 10]
    "2. MEDICAL STANDARDS. Throughout this enclosure, ICD, CPT and HCPCS codes are included with most medical conditions and procedures, usually parenthetically, to aid cross-referencing. Unless otherwise stipulated, the conditions listed in this enclosure are those that do NOT meet the standard by virtue of current diagnosis, or for which the candidate has a verified past medical history. The medical standards for appointment, enlistment, or induction into the Military Services are classified by the general systems described in sections 3-3031 of this enclosure."

    [from page 47]
    "f. History of depressive disorders, including but not limited to major depression (296), dysthymic disorder (300.4), and cyclothymic disorder requiring outpatient care for longer than 12 months by a physician or other mental health professional (to include V65.40), or any inpatient treatment in a hospital or residential facility.
    g. Depressive disorder not otherwise specified (311), or unspecified mood disorder (296.90), UNLESS:
    (1) Outpatient care was not required for longer than 24 months (cumulative) by a physician or other mental health professional (to include V65.40).
    (2) The applicant has been stable without treatment for the past 36 continuous months.
    (3) The applicant did not require any inpatient treatment in a hospital or residential facility.
    h. History of a single adjustment disorder (309) within the previous 3 months, or recurrent episodes of adjustment disorders.
    i. Current or history of disturbance of conduct (312), impulse control (312.3), oppositional defiant (313.81), other behavior disorders (313), or personality disorder (301).
    (1) History (demonstrated by repeated inability to maintain reasonable adjustment in school, with employers or fellow workers, or other social groups), interview, or psychological testing revealing that the degree of immaturity, instability, of personality inadequacy, impulsiveness, or dependency shall likely interfere with adjustment in the Military Services."

    This is the auto-DQ description. If you have been medically diagnosed with depression (no matter if it is severe, moderate or slight), you will require a waiver. With the economy being crappy and everyone wanting to join the military, the chances of getting a waiver approved is right around zero. Finding a Recruiter that is willing to even ATTEMPT to go through the work to submit a waiver request and waste time when it is disapproved is right around zero.

    Yes, this is harsh, but it's the truth. The Air Force and Coast Guard are the two most difficult services to join... and as of two weeks ago, neither service was even accepting waiver requests.

    Brian Raini


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      Hi BRaini, thanks for your post. Oh wells. Whatever happens happens. I understand the truth. I don't think there's ever a waiver for past history depression even if the person was current stable condition.

      At least I haven't been doing the process or not even in the steps of enlisting.

      Thanks again and sorry for the annoying questions on all this stuff on this board.