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question about background check

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  • question about background check

    I just have a question about the background check at MEPS. I had a few charges against me when I was a minor. I had to pay restitution and did community service. My question is since I was a minor when it happened, will they still find it on my record? Aren't your records cleared when you turn of age? Should I still tell my recruiter about it? Honestly, I personally didn't do anything bad, my friends said they found an abandoned house and I went to check it out. Turns out it wasn't abandoned and there was alot of vandalism done and property stolen. Just because I went in, I ended up getting charged with a bunch of shit that I didn't do which sucked. Will this hurt my chances of joining the service?

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    I wasn't formally arrested or anything like that I just wouldn't want this to come up at MEPS and get in trouble for withholding.


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      Sorry, but if you had to pay restitution and do community service, you were not only charged, you were also convicted of the crimes.

      In a background check, it will ALWAYS come up, no matter what lies you try to tell. It can't be used against you to charge you as a repeat offender or anything, but it WILL come up.

      The question on the form is, "Have you ever been arrested, charged or convicted of any crime more serious than a minor traffic infraction, no matter how the matter was disposed?" This means that you have to tell them about this or you will be proven to be a liar and will get kicked out under fraudulent enlistment - _IF_ you make it to your recruit training without being found out.

      With the downsizing and force reductions, it will be hard to get a waiver approved for this. This means that you will probably stand little chance of serving for the immediate future.

      Moral of the story: There are always ramifications for your actions - and never, EVER lie.

      Brian Raini
      I retired after a long military career, and I worked at a MEPS for a while.