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Taking the ASVAB?

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    Intimidated by the uniforms? Well it can only get easier from there!


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      Originally posted by BootCamp4Me View Post
      As a former recruiter, what is your experience with the strictness of the guidelines required to get a certain job.

      For example, a potential recruit need a certain score to be an Aviation Electrician's Mate, but his scores were slightly too low in the mechanical or math area of the ASVAB. Could there be other determining factors in which he/she would still be able to get that rate? such as needs of the rate, higher scores in other sub-categories, community service or fitness levels?
      My recruiter had me take the EDPT and I passed and qualified for both jobs that required it. He gave me the choice of choosing either or both to put on my job list that I had made at meps months earlier. I chose a job that I technically didn't qualify for according to its page. It seems that they are constantly changing requirements according to demand/need or they're willing to ease up according to demand/need.


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        Before I ever mustered up the courage to walk into my recruiter's office, I studied for the ASVAB. I took all the available free test sites online that I could find. When I finally did go, my recruiter let me take the practice ASVAB that day so I could find out which areas I could improve before I went to take the real test (Which wouldn't occur for another four months as I was still losing weight to meet the weight/height requirement). I scored a 93 on the practice, but the practice test only contained three main parts: Word knowledge, paragraph comprehension and arithmetic reasoning. It doesn't include the mechanical, engineering or mathematics knowledge. I am not very mechanically inclined, and although I didn't (and still don't) forsee myself getting a job in said category, I didn't want to be limited on any job opportunities because I was too lazy to study. I found more practice tests online that including sections like assembling objects, found a book for understanding electricity for the super beginner (ie: me), and quizzed my husband and brother on shop tools. When I was below the weight maximum, my recruiter set a date for me to take the ASVAB. I drove myself to MEPS where I would take the computerized version. Everybody just so happened to be very nice at the location I went to. From the lady who took my fingerprints, to the people working the metal detectors. 3 hours after walking into the actual test, I walked out to a very nice older military man (not sure which branch), who handed me my score sheet, and pointed out my overall score with a smile.
        On the Air Force composite score my highest score is in both Administration and ... mechanical. lol Pretty sure that had everything to do with studying extra hard on that subject to try to grasp it. Followed quickly by general and finally electrical. Side note: There were a couple of questions that were on the ASVAB that were on practice tests nearly verbatim, so I knew the answer right after reading the question without hesitation.
        My overall AFQT: 96.
        M:96 A:96 G:95 E:87


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          Is scrap paper or calculators allowed for the ASVAB by chance? I'm not bad at math, but I have to have a visual of it in front of me to make sure I have it right. I triple check all math because I know that it is important to be accurate with math (the one thing my instructors managed to teach me exceedingly well). As a general rule my math skills are at about at 9th grade level despite the fact that I am a sophomore in college. I have all of my math books from college and plan on working every single problem in said books to strengthen my skills. Especially since on the practice ASVAB I did atrociously in every category by my opinion (I'm never happy with missing any questions). Since I have no idea how it would actually be scored. I'll post my scores on the practice here to see and would REALLY appreciate feed back on where I need to focus most of my studying attention. PLEASE!

          ASVAB Results - ASVAB Practice Test 1
          Section # Questions # Correct # Incorrect % Correct
          General Science 25 13 12 52
          Arithmetic Reasoning 30 23 7 76
          Word Knowledge 35 28 7 80
          Paragraph Comprehension 15 13 2 86
          Mathematics Knowledge 25 15 10 60
          Electronics Information 20 7 13 35
          Auto & Shop Information 25 17 8 68
          Mechanical Comprehension 25 10 15 40
          Assembling Objects 16 10 6 62