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Taking the ASVAB?

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  • Taking the ASVAB?

    So, who has decided to take their first step into the blue by taking the ASVAB? ASVAB stands for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, meaning it challenges and tests you in specific vocational aptitide areas such as General, Mechanic, Science, Mathematics, Reading comprehension, and more.

    Hi, my name is Chris, I took my first ASVAB almost 2 months ago. It wasnt a pain staking proccess in anyway. I was sent by my recruiter to the location of a building where the testing was taking place. I drove up to this building, and I remember it having big letters on the face of it that said "National Guard" even though the NG had nothing to do with the USAF this is just a designated place to hold testing. I walk into the building and I was greeted by a man in camo, I don't remember seeing what branch he was from. I sat in a room with a handful of people waiting to take the ASVAB, alot of the people were there for the United States Navy, though I didnt feel like an outcast, as I feel the Air Force is the best outfit

    Finally a man came in the room, he wasnt dressed like a military man, but I can tell he has some military history, judging by his "to the point" adittude. He told us to all exit the room, and re-enter through a secondary entrance of this room in single file. We did, some couldnt comprehend that, he got annoyed, naturally lol. He sat us down with 2 pencils and he then passed out test booklets. Here are some highlights of this test you might want to know:

    The test took aprox. 3 hours.
    You are timed for each section
    There are about 9 different sections
    Dont rush, but also dont be slow.
    Study, study, STUDY! before taking your ASVAB if your not fresh out of high school.

    Thats about it, any questions, feel free to post. Thanks!

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    WOW... what great information.

    You were sent to a satellite location to take the ASVAB called a Military Entrance Test (MET) site. The ASVAB is not branch specific so going to a National Guard location to join the Air Force is not unusual.

    My experience going to take the ASVAB was quite different.

    One day I arrived at my recruiters office and a van took other recruits and I from Evansville to Louisville, KY. We all then did most of the enlisting process including the medical exam and proceeded to take the ASVAB on computers. After everything was complete we all got back on the bus and went back to Evansville, In.

    I then waited about 4 months to get back on that same bus and go back to MEPS. We stayed the night and the next day flew out to Chicago to then head to the Navy Recruit Training Command.
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      Thats very interesting how other ASVAB experiences vary deppending on where you are. Thanks for the reply !


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        Location plays a big part in the testing process. Generally, if you're in a close proximity to a MEPS, your recruiter will simply pick you up from home and drop you off at the MEPS. Some outlying recruiting stations that are still within a reasonable distance (usually an hour drive or so) will have carpool vehicles available that pick up testers at multiple services' offices and drop off / pick up at the local MEPS. Additionally, there are satellite testing facilities located in areas where a MEPS visit is not practical. While most MEPS use computer based testing, many of these satellite facilities utilize the "old" paper hand graded tests. It was my experience as a recruiter than some folks tested better on paper than on a computer. I routinely took folks to paper test sites if I felt it would benefit their score.


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          Very interesting.

          As a former recruiter, what is your experience with the strictness of the guidelines required to get a certain job.

          For example, a potential recruit need a certain score to be an Aviation Electrician's Mate, but his scores were slightly too low in the mechanical or math area of the ASVAB. Could there be other determining factors in which he/she would still be able to get that rate? such as needs of the rate, higher scores in other sub-categories, community service or fitness levels?


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            I am hoping to take the ASVAB on tues. Thank you for this information! Is there anything else I should know? I am in a generalized area that has the ASVAB close and the MEPS over an hour away so I know they will not be together.


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              Everything you really need to know is listed on the ASVAB page. Just remember to brush up on your math and word skills.

              Dont stress yourself.... You can always retake it if you dont like your scores. You will have to wait 30 days.. but at least you will then have some experience on the way the test is administered.

              After you take it, come back and share your thoughts, concerns and how well you did.

              Let others know of your experiences.


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                The ASVAB was pretty cool. It was long and I got soooo sleepy taking it, but to me it wasn't difficult in any shape, form, or fashion. I joined the Navy so I had to take an additional portion dealing with reading codes but again it was pretty simple. I went to the MEPS building and sat at a computer staring at the glaring screen for 3+ hours which wasn't fun when it's not facebook lols. The only difficult part that caught me off guard was the assembly section; I still scored pretty high in that area. I must admit, even though everyone told me to study for the ASVAB, my recruiters didnt say it bluntly, I didn't. I still managed to get a high 70's score in AFQT I think and a low 80's overall. I do recommend that you study. I felt I could have done a lot better and qualified for all the jobs. I didnt get qualified for 6 jobs but still got the job I wanted. But I recommend reading a lot and studying for the ASVAB, Don't over think it or freak out and you'll be fine


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                  I just got back from taking the ASVAB, and I agree with Love King. Don't over think it, but study for it, even if you are just out of high school. I got a good score overall, so I'm pretty excited. I studied for it and freaked out about it until I was sitting in the room waiting to take it. Some of the others taking it, that were just out of high school, told me they had this, they "didnt have to study". However, they were VERY upset about their scores. And remember some of those questions are tricky, so read carefully!


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                    I want to add.....that if you have a score is required to be higher than the normal score.....for example....Army will take you with a score of 50 instead of the reg 32


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                      ASVAB Study Guide

                      I read through this guide a few days before taking my ASVAB last month. It really helped me brush up on the math/geometry portion of the test by reminding me of some of the basic formulas and rules... it also gives some basic test taking strategies that might be useful.

                      ASVAB Test Study Guide



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                        Where can i see the jobs available for AF, and how much points i need to qualify for them?

                        Thank you


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                 & had good tables for determining the qualification scores required for the Navy jobs I was interested in... here are the equivalent Air Force jobs and score requirements that I found on their pages :

                          ASVAB and Air Force Jobs

                          Air Force Enlisted Job Categories - Menu

                          On my ASVAB score sheet they had a listing at the bottom of all the jobs that I qualified for... so it was a bit easier to deal with that than doing the Navy score calculations which seemed a little more involved than the AF ones on these links.

                          Hope you got the information you need. Maybe someone that has gone thru the process as an AF recruit can chime in and confirm what I'm saying?



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                            STUDY FOR THIS TEST! When I first spoke to my recruiter he had make take a practice test right away. I got a 55 and he said "Okay you're what we're looking for just keep practicing and I'll get a date for the test". So what I did and what I suggest everyone else do is take all the practice tests here: ASVAB
                            I did all the short ones and for each question I had no clue for I googled it to figure out how to do it and if you actually just score it wrong the site will show you how to do it. You don't have to finish the entire test in one siting you can just sorta pause it and go back to where you finished off. When I went to take the real ASVAB I was praying to get at least a 50 or 55 and I got a 71. STUDY!!!!!


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                              Great tips Sayanything

                              My wife is wanting to enlist now and she is studying the AFQT for dummies and ASVAB for dummies books.. they really help her with the math formulas.

                              My wifes biggest problem is she gets intimidated by the uniforms and gets nervous when going to the test.. she feels like she wants to puke. The more she goes for the practice test the easier its getting for her. Shes improving by the week