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Beating the ASVAB?

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  • Beating the ASVAB?

    Hey guys, to start off my names Chris and I am currently a 17 year old Junior. Now, lately I have been going on and off with the military, should I just go to Tech School? Or should I join the Military. I called a recruiter and made a soon appointment and he told me over the phone that getting the job I wanted, Fire Protection, was from slim to none and started getting me to the Special Operations and Security forces part of the Air Force. Security Forces sounds pretty cool, but me being an aspiring Firefighter and me heading in the opposite direction is not really my cup of tea, but the Air Force has needs and they may not let me go into Fire Protection and I respect that but everyone has been telling me it is not what my recruiter says it is what my test scores say. Ever since that phone call everyone tells me that the ASVAB is the one thing that decides what your going to do for the next few years. So I got a book and I started looking at it, reading some chapters. But as like any other High Schooler these days I have come to procrastinate a lot. It's not a disease and I have no excuse to complain but how would someone like me get out of procrastination and really get studying. I mean I haven't even got a testing day yet but would any of you know any study tips I can use? When I take this test I want to get a high score and get the job I want. I took the ASVAB last year at my school as a sophomore just to see what it was about with no studying and it gave me a 22. I know what the test is like and I'm determined to be ready for it. If anyone on this website can help me, or just give me some advice on how to study for it and start getting my stuff together so I'm prepared and ready. Any help would be great and appreciative. Sorry for the read ._.

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    Hate to plug my branch here, but if you're really dedicated to being a firefighter after the military you might want to look into the Navy (Or Coast Guard)...firefighting is part of our basic training, and Damage Controlmen is a job that is constantly open.

    Plugging aside, my best advice is to buy a book such as "ASVAB for Dummies" or something similar -- they actually do help if you stick to it and read it. Aside from that, there's not much you can do to 'beat' it. Just read and study.