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Waiver for prior eating disorder non other specified?

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  • JosXT
    started a topic Waiver for prior eating disorder non other specified?

    Waiver for prior eating disorder non other specified?

    I understand that the military will not allow enlistments for those who have prior mental ailments. I know this includes those who have had an eating disorder (including unspecified) for longer than three months. In my case a few years ago I was hospitalized for a week (voluntarily), that would be the time of diagnosis and the time I was medically diagnosed, after I was discharged I experienced no relapses and no further medical attention was given, other than check-ups which lasted for about 4 months. I did receive counseling for about 4-5 months though medically I was up to a normal weight. My question is will I need a waiver to serve, as medically I only fit the criteria for less than 3 months time. However I fear that the few months of counseling may disqualify me, and if that is the case, will it be possible to attain a waiver? Please be brutally honest in answering this question, and please no one suggest that I lie, I know that meps can pull medical records and more importantly lying is against my values and the values that I would swear by if I am accepted into the National Guard. I am currently mentally and physically fit, however I understand that the military may consider me a liability. Again please be brutally honest.

    Additional info: I was never on any medication.

  • Boats
    the only people that can tell you that if you need a med waiver is when your recruiter sends that stuff to the med boards..they are the Only ones that can tell a recruiter whether or not you can get In!!...and it's all case by no one can tell you yes or no here...just go for it..and even if one branch say's no another one might all depends On manning lvls...

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