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  • DEBT

    I see a lot of ppl talking about debt and weather or not it affects their enlistment. I didnt know that they look at your credit. I am about 19,000 in debt. 8,000 of it is medical bills from when i was a child and the other 11,000 is from where i co-signed for a car. Will this stop me.

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    I don't know if it'll stop you from joining all together but it will defiantly affect the rates you can pick. When you are at MEPS they will have you write down all the bills you have and how much you owe and all that kind of stuff. As an IT if I go too far into debt I can lose my security clearance and my you defiantly couldn't pick any rate that requires a security clearance.


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      It can also keep you from passing an overseas screening and you wont be able to take orders to i different country.


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        It probably won't stop you from joining but it will probably limit your options. First step is to talk to a recruiter. Having debt is not a crime; however personal financial responsibly is an indicator of how responsible you will be in other areas in your life and in the Navy.
        Good luck!


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          as long as your paying your bills..and there aren't people coming after you for should be fine...really..tho yes It might stop you from goin into certain rates...look at it this have a clearance but Your In debt the navy is worried that you might take a pay off from someone to get outta debt...


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            I was curious about the same thing. I have some debt, and especially have a lot of school bills. I am interested in reserves, and am actually not planning on enlisting until I am able to move out anyhow so lessening my debt as much as possible is on my priority list anyhow. Yet this is reserves too, so I will be employed full time (and am currently at a good company). I feel like this topic isn't really discussed a lot. So no one knows of this stopping you from being accepted? I was looking towards aviation support as far as rates, anyhow, which doesn't seem like a high security rate compared to say, IT. Currently I have only been talking to friends who have served/are serving for information, and haven't brought this up yet. Again right now it's something that I am currently wanting to do but I don't plan on anytime in the next month or so which means anything I can do to increase my ability to be accepted I am.