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Severed finger?

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  • Severed finger?


    I have a very unique concern that I would like addressed. When I was really young I had an accident and severed my ring finger. It's severed up to the knuckle and when I spoke to a Navy recruiter over the phone he stated that I am disqualified from joining the Navy or any other military career because I do not have all 10 digits. Can someone please confirm whether this is true or not? If so, would a medical waiver work? I could not find it anywhere online. Thank you.

    All the best,

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    Unfortunately, for acceptance into the US Military, you have to be able to count to ten... not 9.75. There have been a FEW that were allowed in when it was hard to recruit folks, which won't, unfortunately, happen again for years (the economy has to be in GREAT shape for this to happen).

    Yes - OFFICIALLY, there is a waiver available, but in today's economy, it won't even be submitted (and many Recruiters won't even know about it).

    Sorry for the bad news.


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      Thanks BRaini for the information. Yeah that's unfortunate because I was hoping to enlist. I could see maybe a missing hand or foot would be an issue but I didn't think a missing digit would be all that important (especially not a trigger finger). Kinda bummed but such is life.

      Thanks again.


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        Hey Ivan1980, I have a similar injury. My right hand trigger finger is also severed but a little above the knuckle. I was automatically disqualified for service as well but I went through MEPS and put a medical waiver through at the end. I was approved by a medical board by the end of the month, One thing that would help getting the waiver to go through is a higher end ASVAB score. I scored an 84 so I think that helped me out as well, just be persistent with getting a waiver put through and showing the medical board/recruiters/counselors that the injury doesn't hinder you at all in day-to-day life or exercise and other strenuous activities as well.