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Navy Recruiting 2012

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  • Navy Recruiting 2012

    Hello everyone,

    First off, I apologize if this is not in the correct forum. I could not figure out which one it would best fit in to.

    I would like to start out by saying I have decided that I want to join the Navy. However, I know the Navy is downsizing and recruiting is slowing down. My question is, what is the Navy looking for in its recruits? I meet all of the basic criteria (previous ASVAB score of 90, so I have no doubts that I can score around the same) and would require no waivers, but I am slightly (5-10 lbs) overweight for my height (although I meet the body fat composition). As stated in a post a few months ago, I am interested in the CT, AECF, AC, or AT ratings. I realize my best bet is to go talk to a recruiter, but there closest is approximately an hour away, so I wanted to ask here first if based on the limited amount of information I have provided, would I be competitive in being able to enlist?

    I appreciate the help and any insight that you all can provide!

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    With your ASVAB, you will be prime target number one when the Recruiters talk with you.

    If you want to ensure you will get the chance, start dropping about 15-20 pounds so there won't be ANYTHING to keep you from shipping. Waivers are getting harder and harder to get - and if there is ANY question about needing one, some Recruiters are starting to worry.

    You should be fine. Just dump a little fluff and you'll make it without a problem.


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      From what I have seen, recruiters won't talk to you until you are at you max weight at a minimum... I need to be taped right now, but before I ship, I need to have lost enough weight to not worry about being taped. Trust me, you don't want the stress of needing to be taped hanging over you


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        Is the Navy currently recruiting? i still haven't talked to a recruiter but will very soon.


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          They are always recruiting.

          Some positions might be filled, some districts might have thier quotas.... but they are always on the lookout for top shelf recruits.