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  • Insanity Workout

    Okay everyone!

    Here is the link to do insanity. This is off of tumblr gym and has all of the videos. All you need is to either print a calendar from google or look it up on google everyday. I strongly suggest cutting out junk food. I did the work out and BS the second month (worked out probably once a week that month) and I didnt eat how they wanted me to eat and I still lost 20 lbs. Only suggestions are to work out in the morning before breakfast (you wanna lose your weight not the meal you just ate!) and drink lots of water!! Oh and do the stretches... your flexiblity will increase.
    Now you will experience pain the first week due to the fact that your working out muscles you dont normally use and that your stretching. Yes it does go away. I also suggest you get protein shakes. Chocolate is the best flavor and drink it after you work out. You may need two to three bottles of water while working out.

    *Note: Please do not do this if you are not totally positive your body can handle it. If you have Asthma PLEASE use your inhaler before you do it.

    HAVE FUN YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

    Workout link:
    Insanity | The Tumblr Gym

    Calendar Link:

    **I have done this work out before and would be more than happy to help you in anyway possible**

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    I swear by the Insanity workout!

    I started it exactly 2 months before I ship(20121120),

    I didn't follow the nutrition guide, nor any protein shakes. I thought it was more important to adjust what I ate first. I removed any foods that have high fructose corn syrup, and cooked everything myself. A lot of chicken, greens, fruits, eggs, and PB&J's.
    I didn't need to lose weight, but it happened anyways. I burned a lot of fat actually, and now I'm starting to eat a little more calories and carbs, and in turn gained a little more weight. 5'9.5'' 152lbs. My lowest was 147 after the first month down from 157.

    I took a huge gamble for my first month. No extra workouts besides push-ups, and no runs. Three days ago I did a 3.1 mile run....and I ran like the wind.

    **I did 5 months of crossfit and road biking. I felt like I gained more from the Insanity workout.**


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      I may start this work out again. Though I am doing PT with my JROTC unit twice a week and I started losing weight... I gained it all back over break D:


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        Re: Insanity Workout

        Bummer not there anymore.


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          Good article


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            Good article what i feel is for going into the intensity zone we need to do it in moderation as well i mean if someone does intense workout over the top it can cause some bad effects on the health,Being mentally and physically prepare for that is necessary.

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