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    I gotta lose 6% body fat but what and how should I go about doing it????

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    Cap, sorry about not getting an answer to you earlier, but I haven't been on the forum for a long time. This is going to be harsh and cold - please don't take offense.

    First off, you have to learn to do a push-up. Three push-ups a day and you will begin to lose weight.


    Yeah, you need to push your overweight body up, away from the table before you gorge yourself. (that's the harsh part)

    You need to do two things to lose weight - reduce your caloric intake, and increase your caloric requirements. In a nutshell, that means that you need to eat less and exercise more. It's a REALLY stupid thing to do, but drinking a big glass of water about 15-20 minutes before a meal can make you feel more full... and make you eat less. Also, another trick is to eat slower - and a (stupid) way to do this is to chew EVERY mouthful of food TWENTY times before you swallow. Start eating more fruit and veggies. If you can, include a salad with every meal (no need with Breakfast!). Another easy way to eat less is when you sit down, cut one bite of your meat, one of your veggie, and one of your starch, and push it to one side of your plate... and don't eat it.

    I came from an old Norwegian/Polish family - and the mantra is, "CLEAN YOUR PLATE - THERE ARE STARVING CHINESE KIDS, SO EAT EVERYTHING YOU GET!!" It was driven into my head that if it was on my plate, it had to be eaten. Another family tradition was that if you were upset/sad/happy/blah/excited or any other emotion, support your ego and eat something. Yet another was, "If the plate is empty, put more on it!!" This left my entire family with the perfect opportunity to be fat as heck... and I was no exception. A good friend told me about the "cut out a bite of everything and don't eat it" thing, and it works.

    I eat at least two "free" fruits a day (two apples, a banana and an orange, whatever) - but they are snacks in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

    After that, I just watch serving size. I'm a chicken-a-holic, and can eat more than is healthy for most FAMILIES. That second piece LOOKS good, but I hold back, because I know that it will only go onto my waist. If I am still REALLY hungry as I finish a meal, I get a second helping of veggies.

    As for exercise, it's gotta be long and painful. You need to burn calories, not get buff, so don't lift weights exclusively. Don't lift HEAVY weights, as that will build muscle. You need to tone and get endurance. Yeah, you may be able to bench 300 pounds three times, but that will only build muscles - try benching 50 pounds, THIRTY times. That will help build your endurance. Long walks, long, slow jogs (I'm talking 45 minutes or more!!), are GREAT! If you can, swim and do exercises in a pool, because the cool water will force you to burn more calories to just stay warm, and the water-resistance will help build those long-cell muscles.

    Just work at it - and remember, the slower you lose weight, the slower you will gain it back. The faster you lose it - the faster you can gain it back!!

    Brian Raini