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0.0 How to Handle My Hair!

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  • 0.0 How to Handle My Hair!

    Hi Everyone!!!

    So, my hair has become a major concern. Mainly because ill be going to basic soon and am not entirely sure as to how to handle my "hair crisis" 0.0. I have had my well-manicured locks for about 7 years ( soon to be 8) and they are as long as down to the mid of my back. Well, after doing a bit of research and talking to a few ppl, ive been getting conflicted answers. Some say "no i cant have locs AT ALL" others say "locs are allowed as long as they dont interfer with the uniform policy" while most say "just cut it off. You'll have to in the end anyway". I love my hair with a deep passion and just the thought of cutting it off makes me curl. Well enough ranting. Please help! Here are my questions:

    1. Are locs allowed in the armed forces?
    2. If locs are allowed, will i be able to pass them off as cornrows and put the ends up in a bun throughout basic training?
    3. Are cornrows even allowed? (Reason: Ive been seeing conflicting sides to this question)

    Thank you!! I need all the advice i can get

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    Unfortunately, dreads are NOT allowed in any branch of the military - and you will either have to work them out or cut them off entirely. There is no other choice - other than choosing your hair over serving in the military. If you have dreads down to the middle of your back, you have WAAAAYYYYY too much volume to be able to simply "bun" them - you'd look like you had a basketball glued to the back of your head! "Sagging" the bun won't work, because hair can't fall down below the bottom of your shirt collar, and a sagged bun wouldn't work.

    Cornrows MAY be allowed - but in some cases they are a Commander's call as to whether they are "faddish" or not. I've seen some - and I've seen some women have to get them taken out because they interfered with the wearing of the headgear (hats). I will say that I never saw ANY females with cornrows in the Air Force while I worked with them. Cornrows are not allowed on males in any branch at any time.

    You won't be allowed to have cornrows in BMT from everything I've heard. It's when the military tears the civilian side of you away - and maintaining personalized hair is NOT conducive to getting you in the military mindset.

    Your Recruiter should be able to have told you all of this - and should have already told you. To get a final answer on the cornrows, I sent a message to a senior Command Chief with the Air Force that I know. If he doesn't know off the top of his head, he'll know exactly where to look. I would expect an answer tonight or early tomorrow.



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      Things HAVE changed in the past three years!!

      IAW AFI 36-2903 (Current Version) ...Braids, Micro-Braids and Cornrows ARE authorized. They must be natural in color for a human and similar to the individual's hair color. They must not exceed length restrictions for all hairstyles and must not interfere with proper wear of military headgear.

      Unfortunately, you are still out of luck with your dreads.