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Starting the Application Process for the Navy

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  • Starting the Application Process for the Navy

    I'm currently pregnant, but plan on trying to join the Navy when my child is between 6months - 1 year old. I am due March 3, 2013. I was wondering when would be the best time to start the applying process. My husband is a Navy Veteran of Desert Storm/Shield, and doesn't answer when I ask him when the smartest time to start the process would be. He's all for the idea (I want to make that clear), but was not the cause of me having the idea. Its just a happy convenience that the man of my dreams also happened to be in the same branch I planned on joining.

    I have a few concerns that I'm not comfortable keeping secret and I know I will need waivers for they are:

    Epilepsy diagnosed at age 6 - never reevaluated (will be going to the doctor to have it reevaluated before I even bother going to MEPS if I can get a waiver to have filled out from my recruiter).

    Pregnancy - Obviously before I can have any physicals or be even halfway considered I need to have the baby and then get her prepared for this world/ ween her from the bottle.

    Tattoo and Piercing: As much as it burns me I will be removing my cartilage piercing before boot camp just because I'll never be allowed to wear it in boot camp and that means it will grow over. Tattoo- Heart on my right shoulder blade and can be covered by all shirts except tank tops.

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    It never hurts to speak to the recruiter now.While you are not busy with a newborn there is a perfect time to get ready for the ASVAB and proceed with the medical whenever you are ready. My process started somewhere in Febuary-March 2012. This is when i first talked to the recruiter. I took my ASVAB in May ( this is when i felt i was ready). My medical was in July and i signed contract only in September to be shipped out in June 2013.You have plenty of time to be prepared for the ASVAB and to get all the paperwork done. I do believe you might do the paperwork and ASVAB now and do medical after you have a baby.You will probably have 3-6 months after you sign a contract and being shipped out for boot camp. Good luck and keep up updated on your journey.


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      Charlize - just wondering. Do they give you however long you feel you need to take the ASVAB? Getting a rate I am really interested in is important to me, and I know that the first step in making that happen is getting the correct & good scores on this.


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        Yes, they do give you as much time as you need. Just let them know when you are ready and you will be projected at the nearest MEPs shortly.