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Questions.. What jobs are there for female/women in the military?

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  • Questions.. What jobs are there for female/women in the military?

    Hi there,

    What are the female/women jobs in the military?

    Are there any non-combat roles for women in any military branches? If so what are those?

    Do females have to be in combat roles?

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    There are only a few jobs that are restricted to females. The Coast Guard has ZERO jobs that are restricted to females.

    There are many jobs that don't have "direct combat" in their main job description, but don't forget that "crap happens" and you MAY end up in a combat situation. You could be a photo journalist (picture-taker) and your convoy gets attacked while traveling from point A to point B. If you don't pick up a weapon, you COULD be a casualty... or you could be captured.

    Also there is a LOT of talk about changing the law to allow females in ALL career fields - including infantry and others.

    If you want to completely stay out of combat, the only guarantee is to not join at all. Even Air Force transport pilots have been shot down and have had to fight their way to safety.

    Brian Raini


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      "Current U.S. policy bans women from units engaged in direct combat missions."


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        There are many women in aircraft area. Also medical, logistics etc. Whatever you do i don't think you are going to be the first candidate to be put in a combat zone.


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          no matter what your job will be, you will be required to fire a weapon..and maybe in stand guard for something that you will need a weapon if you don't wanna take the chance at all, I wouldn't even join Like Braini said