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curly hair and readiness

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  • curly hair and readiness

    hey, i'm curious as to how curly hair is dealt with in Bootcamp mine is mostly ringlets but it can be frizzy. i'll be leaving in a year or less and i've been trying to find out what all i need to do to be ready. I'm running daily at least a mile and doing push-ups and sit ups. at the moment i can do 52 situps in a minute and 15-20 pushups in a minute(how long do you have for them?) Also i'm aiming for Aviation warfare systems operator at the moment but i'm not fully sure what all they do, my recruiter "can't" say what it does. oh and what about while in bootcamp, how is the no shaving and showering, i heard you get over it but i'm one of those super shy self concious girls. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated, thanks ^-^

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    I leave in a month but my buddies have coached me thru it. I already cut my hair to the appropriate length. It's best to do that a month or so before you leave so you can figure out how to manage short hair. My's special. I'm hoping while I'm there I can shove it under a hat, otherwise gel is going to be my best friend. The whole non-shaving thing, I'm going to get the essentials waxed right before I leave, which should last about 6 weeks. If I need some maintenance in between, Veet Wax Strips. They take up no room at all and I plan on having my mom mail me some if I ever need them. You literally rub it on, pull it off. No mess and is quick and easy. You shower, you don't have a lot of time but you shower. The Navy doesn't want musty sailors. Lol. Also, if you don't wear tampons, I would suggest you start wearing them. It'll make life a lot easier.


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      thanks i hope boot camp is going well i wasn't able to get on here before. i was thinking of going ahead and cutting my hair short. are you allowed to have the veet strips?