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Army opens up Combat Jobs to Women

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  • Army opens up Combat Jobs to Women

    As of this April 4, over 33,000 jobs will be open to female soldiers

    According to the Department of Defense, the following positions are now available to women:

    12C Bridge crew member
    12D Diver
    12H Construction engineering supervisor
    12N Horizontal construction engineer
    12R Interior electrician
    12X General engineering supervisor
    12Y Geospatial engineer
    12Z Combat engineering senior sergeant
    13T Field artillery surveyor/meteorological crew member
    13Z Field artillery senior sergeant
    14J Air defense C41 tactical operations center enhanced operator-maintainer
    14S Air & missile defense (AMD) crew member
    15E Unmanned aircraft system
    15W Unmanned aerial vehicle operator
    25B Information technology specialist
    25C Radio operator-maintainer
    25E Electromagnetic spectrum manager nodal network systems operator-maintainer
    25F Network switching systems operator-maintainer
    25L Cable systems installer-maintainer
    25P Microwave systems operator-maintainer
    25Q Multichannel transmission systems operator-maintainer
    25S Satellite communications systems operator-maintainer
    25T Satellite/microwave systems chief
    25U Signal support systems chief
    25W Telecommunications operations chief
    25X Senior signal sergeant
    25Z Visual information operations chief
    27D Paralegal specialist
    29E Electronic warfare specialist
    31B Military Police
    35F Intelligence analyst
    35G Imagery analyst
    35L Counter intelligence agent
    35M Human intelligence collector
    35N Signals intelligence analyst
    35P Cryptologic linguist intelligence senior sergeant/chief
    35T Military intelligence systems maintainer/integrator
    35X Intelligence sergeant
    35Z SIGINT senior sergeant/chief
    37F Psychological operations specialist
    38B Civil affairs specialist
    42A Human resources specialist
    46Q Public affairs specialist
    46R Public affairs broadcast specialist
    56M Chaplain assistant
    68S Preventive medicine specialist
    68W Health care specialist
    74D CBRN specialist
    79S Active duty career counselor
    88M Motor transport operator
    88N Transportation management coordinator
    89B Ammunition specialist
    89D EOD specialist
    91B Wheeled vehicle repairer
    91C Utilities equipment repairer
    91D Power generation equipment repairer
    91E Allied trades specialist
    91F Small arms/artillery repairer
    91G Fire control repairer
    91H Tracked vehicle repairer
    91J Quartermaster and chemical equipment repairer
    91L Construction equipment repairer
    91X Maintenance supervisor
    91Z Senior maintenance supervisor
    92A Automated logistical specialist
    92F Petroleum supply specialist
    92G Food service specialist
    92R Parachute rigger
    92S Shower/laundry & clothing repair specialist
    92W Water treatment specialist
    92Y Unit supply specialist
    94E Radio & COMSEC repairer
    94F Computer/detection systems repairer
    94M Radar repairer
    94W Electronic maintenance chief
    94Z Senior electronic maintenance chief
    00B General officer
    01A Officer generalist
    12A Engineer
    12B Combat engineer
    12D FCCME
    14A Air defense artillery
    25A Signal, general
    27A Judge advocate general
    31A Military Police
    35D All source intelligence
    36A Financial manager
    37A Psychological operations
    38A Civil affairs (AA and USAR)
    42B Human resources officer
    50A Force development
    51A Systems development
    51C Contract & industrial management
    51R Systems automation acquisition & engineering
    51T Test & evaluation
    51Z Acquisition
    56A Command & unit chaplain
    57A Simulations operations officer
    59A Strategist
    60A Operational medicine
    61N Flight surgeon
    62B Field surgeon
    65D Physician assistant
    70B Health services administration
    70H Health services plans, operations, intelligence, security and training
    70K Health services material
    74A CBRN
    90A Logistics
    91A Maintenance & munitions material officer
    92A Quartermaster, general
    011A Branch MOS immaterial
    120A Construction engineering technician
    131A Field artillery targeting technician
    140A Command and control systems integrator
    150U Tactical unmanned aerial systems operations technician
    153D UH-60 pilot
    154C CH-47 pilot
    155A Fixed wing aviator (aircraft nonspecific)
    251A Information systems technician
    254A Signal systems support technician
    255A Information services technician
    255S Cyberspace defense technician
    255Z Cyberspace network operations technician
    290A Electronic warfare technician
    350F All source intelligence technician
    740A Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) warrant officer
    890A Ammunition technician
    915A Automotive maintenance warrant officer
    915E Senior automotive maintenance officer
    919A Engineer equipment maintenance warrant officer
    920A Property accounting technician
    921A Airdrop systems technician