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  • Coxswain

    I have done some looking around and foud out that just about any rate can qualify to be a coxswain, as that is something that truly sounds like a fun, exciting, and rewarding job. But just because you CAN get trained and qualified doesnt mean it happens a lot. I guess I have seen/read a lot about Boatswain's Mates pretty much exclusively getting trained to operate small craft after the E-4 or E-5 pay grade.

    My question is, what about other rates? My recruiter is trying to get me into the electronics community, or I might even be interested in Aircrew. Is it unheard of for Naval Aircrewman, or ETs or ITs or anuy other rates to be trained as coxswains and operate small boats?

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    My friend loves fishing but he's not a professional fisherman. He's a financial analyst on wall street, because that's what pays the bills. He has plenty of time to fish on the weekends and plenty of money to do it with. He knows that his current job is more marketable in the real world than a professional fisherman.

    Your recruiter is just looking out for you. He's placing you in a rating that will be the best fit for the Navy and at the same time the best fit for you. You may want to look into those other ratings because they're all good jobs and will translate nicely to real world experience for civilian jobs when you get out of the Navy. But if driving boats is your dream, more power to you. Whatever floats your boat (buh-dum-tsss).


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      The Only way you are goin to be able to get to Drive a boat is if you are a Boatswain mate, and the Reason why I say that is b/c everyone has a Job to do. Also the BMC isn't going to let anyone drive his small boats. tho Another rate you can go and drive boats for are MA's, Small boat operator, which is a special forces rate..or seabee...or you could just get lucky....Also it's not just the E-4/E-5 that drives boats...any boatswain mate or undes can drive a boat if the chief allows them too..