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  • Wisdom Teeth

    I am in the process of enlisting and barring any unforseen delays, I should be in Great Lakes by the end of summer. I do have all 4 of my wisom teeth, and have been told that you get all of them pulled on one day, and then have one day Sick In Quarters.
    My question is, has anyone gone thru this before, and I am not worried about the pain, but how much do you miss being away from the rest of your recruit divison (even if it is during the P-days) for a full day?

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    hey, I just graduated in April. If they decide that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed they will pull them, usually in one day, and you get the rest of that day and the next SIQ and one day LLD. You don't miss much since they plan for it in the schedule so you don't need to worry about that. And for us at least it was shortly before one of the tests so if you use it right you can study for the test more.


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      Not everyone gets their wisdom teeth pulled though generally speaking most people will. The dentist will make the determination. I still have all four in my mouth after bootcamp.