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    After or during A school I know that if you are at the top of your GRADUATING class you can choose where you want to go. How does that work for a reservist? At meps they told me i would be going to the closest station near me and thats in gulfpport, ms at the seebee base. So does that even apply to me?
    Next question do i have to go to c school right after a school or could i do that at a later date my rate is HMDA? One last question could i work more than one weekend a month like maybe two weekends every once in a while

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    Its either you drill one weekend a month or apply for a full time position at your reserve base.


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      1. after you complete your training you will go back to the duty stationed that is on your contract you signed at MEPS when you enlisted. It should say something like "after completion of x-A-school x will report to x naval reserve training center" or something like that. So you dont get to pick where you go.

      2. depending on what your orders say you could go straight to c school or maybe a few months after. You can also get orders in the middle of a-school that tell you to go to c-school (happened to a few of my buddys) upon completion of your classes there

      3. I wont say you CANT work more than 2 days a week, but I doubt it. If your a personell man or YM you might get a chance to do some paperwork.. but I wouldnt count on it.


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        thank you that helped alot


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          remember when you do your two weeks..try goin someplace where you wanna go that way you can have the navy pay for you flight there and back..usually reserves people don't work that least that was what my dad told me back when he did the by 0730 out by lunch or 1330...and used the reserves to go everywhere he wanted but australia.....