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Did you join after 30?? I want to at 36.

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  • Did you join after 30?? I want to at 36.

    Hi there,

    I'm a 36 year old female, no kids and never married and struggling with my desire to join the Navy Reserves at my age (only branch w/age cutoff at 39). I've always had some interest in the military and strangely enough over the years many have thought I had been in the military before. Not sure if that's good or bad, but it doesn't matter. My reasons for wanting to join boil down to a better life. I want to finish my degree, get a great government job, job security, and be able to retire within 20-30 years having a great level of comfort knowing that I've been a part of something great. I don't know if the reserves will be that advantageous in that regard unless I'm able to go Active Duty.

    What I'm going through now is facing my own fear of being told I don't have a chance, hence being rejected. I've psyched myself up so much that I lost the courage to go talk to recruiters.

    If you have joined the military after 30 years old I'd like to hear your story..any words of encouragement would be awesome too!

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    I'm 36, about to be 37. I've been working on joining the Navy Reserve in one way or another for about 9 months, but thinking about it for 18 years. I initially tried to enlist, but they want to run me through the officer wringer first. If I crash and burn at that, I'll go back to enlisting. We should go and be old together. My only advice is start working on getting in shape now. It's not as easy as it used to be! Other than that, I haven't had any recruiting personnel give me any grief about being older, or suggest it would be a problem. If anything its going to make a lot of things easier, attitude-wise.


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      I filled out an application for the Navy Reserve today. I'm 32, and have regretted not signing up years ago. I have a great career, so now I can hopefully serve through the Reserve Program. I will probably be the oldest guy in Basic if I get accepted.