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  • Navy DPEP

    I am currently a nationally registered paramedic with a year of experience in a urban 911 system. I'm looking at joing the reserves and want to be a hospital corpsman. I was wondering with my training and experience if I would be able to bypass A school and the like with the DPEP program?

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    DPEP doesn't let you skip A-School, but it does (possibly) allow you to test out of parts of it. They will still want to fill in the gaps between what you do now as a civilian, and what they want you to do in the Navy. Also, only having a year of experience might not get you anything anyway.

    I was going to enlist through the DPEP program, and as far as anyone could tell me there's no way to know if you'll be able to test out until you're at RTC, so trying to plan how long you'll be away becomes tricky.

    Also, good luck finding a recruiter who can help you with it. I've spoken to quite a few in the past year, and most have heard of it, but none have ever actually done it.

    Couldn't hurt to give it a try though! In the end, I decided I wanted to do something different than I do as a civilian.



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      Thanks. Even if I decided to not go with the DPEP program would my experiance allow me to enlist at a higher rate?


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        The Navy doesn't really care about your experience, since it's impossible to quantify. I ran into this when trying to apply as an officer. My 15 years experience in my civilian field was worthless, what they're looking for are specific certifications/degrees/etc that can verify you know what you say you know.

        Check this out... I don't know how current it is (it's from 2005) because it isn't listed on the directives on the CNRC's web site, but it's still coming up in Google searches. I think it's pretty much still good:

        Your best bet would be your paramedic program. Did you take it at an accredited college? How many credit hours was it? I know out here a paramedic program is about 2 years of college. You could use your credits towards either an E-2 or E-3, depending on how many you have (24 or 48, respectively).

        Failing that, your paramedic program may fall under their "accredited vocational/technical school beyond the high school level", which is item 6. 1 year gets you an E-2, two years gets an E-3.

        Keep in mind that in most cases (depending on manning levels of your rating) if you go in as an E-3, you're only looking at 6 months or so before you get your 3rd class (E-4).