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    Talk about a mystery! I've read about Full Time Support in the Navy Reserves but I have not heard of anyone doing this. Does anyone know how difficult it is to get this rating? Can you choose where your reserve station is? I've only read about it and the benefits of it. But I would love to hear some 1st person info on this. Thank you

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    I had the same question and my recuriter said once you get to your duty station you can apply or ask about it there thats alli know about that. As for reserve station it will be the closest station to where you live now. If you move just find another station thats close there, but you move on you own dime. Hope this helps you.


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      The last I was told about FTS was that it's actually part of AD, but the LPO at my recruiting station said after I go Reserves I can apply at my permanent duty station. I was on the fence about reserves or AD, but i'm going reserves. I will be looking forward to being home and a part of the Navy.


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        FTS billets are VERY sought after. Don't count on even being CONSIDERED for a billet until you are fully qualified at your job. Most Reserve units have a few billets - almost always less than 10%, most below 5% of total manning - and you need to be able to have ALL the answers regarding your rating and unit to get those billets.