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  • Poolee Singh

    Hello everyone, my name is Sumeet Singh and i currently dwell in the rain dont stop state of Washington. I am currently in the Delayed Entry Program and i will be leaving for Boot Camp on December 12, 2011 and i CANT wait!!!!

    Not sure what got me interested in the United States Marine Corps but whatever it was, i KNOW i made the right decision and I will be one of THE FEW, THE PROUD

    MOS : Aviation Electronics Technician(BA) not sure exactly which one will be given to me

    blah I am really bad at introductions ><


    btw i am really liking this website, good source of information for anyone interested in the Military!

    maybe some questions can help my intro :P
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    Welcome ! I would have went Marines but I wanted to be a ah-64 pilot. And the army has the WOFT program . Any questions you have ill be happy to answer them!


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      - Currently 25 years old...will i be a "target" for the DI? will they be expecting more from the older guys or do they treat every Poolee the same?(not that i am worried, i will give it my all!)
      - How likely will it be for me to be stationed overseas?
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        No.. they will cuss everyone equally until you have earned the right to be cussed at an extraordinary amount of time.

        If your good.. then your good. No need to worry


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          1.) what is the minimum that should be brought with us to boot camp?(extra clothes?cell phone(dumb question :P) extra shoes(prob not)) ?

          2.) should i let my hair grow out so that they can have there fun with my head? Lmao i usually have a buzz hair cut..or should i not let them have any fun :P

          i ll think of more


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            Welcome Poolee, bring the clothes your wearing, your recruiters business card, social security card (and possibly birth certificate), any prescriptions you have, and if you take your cell phone they will hold it for you (I actually just talked to somebody that got in fairly recently) also about going overseas I'm not sure what your shipping rotation will be as an AET, but I'm going in as Infantry so I ship for 6 months and come back for 7, you won't ship nearly as often


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              How does BAH(Basic Allowance for Housing) work?
              currently is Me, my Brother and my Mom on the lease agreement and we all pay
              would i qualify to receive it?

              (wont get a chance to meet with my recruiter for a few days, so i just thought i put this here and see if i can get more information)


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                no there not dependents so youd just have to sacrifice some of your pay.


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                  if your brother and mom are your dependents then you would qualify.

                  But if your mom works and claims your brother on her taxes then your bro is her dependent and you would not qualify for BAH


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                    I would let your hair grow out some or risk standing out.