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Worries about bootcamp

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  • Worries about bootcamp

    I\'m shipping super soon to basic training for the marines in Parris Island, SC... could you give me any feedback and / or opinions please?

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    Speak only when spoken to, shut your mouth and everything you do must be done with speed and intensity. But most of all, stay motivated and persevere when things get tough.


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      IT sis going to change your life forever. Do what your told. Do everything with speed, volume, and intensity. I was just down at the Island a few months ago watching a friend graduate DI school. The Island is a place you will never forget. 10 years later I still remember my rifle serial number in boot camp. IT is going to test you both mentally and physically. Keep in mind that boot camp is designed for you to succeed. You have already met the basic requirements if you are in the DEP. Nw put your mind to it and graduate Honor Grad.


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        Thank you! Make\'s me feel alot better hearing that from people that have made it through and earned the title marine. I was supposed to ship in may, but now i\'m not til january... YAY! But still always doing lot\'s of training with my recruiter & his bosses. I\'m already getting stronger after a couple of week\'s ; it\'s amazing how fast you can start to tell you\'re getting in shape. And yes; I will do everything possible to graduate honor grad. Wow; that would be the greatest feeling ever! And well; i definitely know the do what you\'re told when you\'re, how you\'re told scenario. And i def do know when to just shutup. Which i plan on doing at bootcamp! But i really appreciate you\'re feedback! Thanks again so much!

        (poolee as of 20120330)


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          I also am a Poolee since late June of 2012...worried as much as you Im sure! I have heard, as these gentlemen have said above, from plenty of Marine vets and active duty Marines that as long as you keep your mouth shut, don't attract attention, and move with a sense of urgency that you will be fine! The obstacle courses are worrying me! i was in the Marine Corps. JROTC program for all 4 years of Highschool and still could never get up on the bars or combination without help..hope I don't get screamed at too much! =/


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            Poolee since 20120717 (Short time I know), but also did 3 1/2 years of JROTC and am improvement is skyrocketing. I am glad to be placed in the best RS/RSS in the U.S., RS Orlando/RSS Brandon!!! Shipping (supposedly) 20130401, but pushing for earlier...