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Marine Disciplinary Question

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  • Marine Disciplinary Question

    So I'm currently in DEP for the Navy. But I currently live with two girls and one of them has been Skyping a marine who to me is super questionable and untrustworthy. Anyway, she recently bought a ticket to California for $450 for this weekend, and all of a sudden he calls and says that a guy and a girl marine who are dating were caught in bed together, and his sergeant forbid his unit or platoon, or idk, she's not sure really, from going anywhere this weekend. Is this possible? Can he forbid them from leaving even on a weekend or anything like that? His roommate said he had bought a $600 dollar plane ticket to go back home, but I think they're both shady. I know it seems petty, but I'm just protective of my girls haha.

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    Yes, it's very possible. The sergeant himself may not be able to restrict their leaving, but with his prompting, he could convince the Staff NCOs to agree to such a restriction. It's happened to us at MOS school. We had our liberty limits cut by 75% for someone speeding. I'd be protective of her, too. Some Marines have very dirty minds and honestly don't give a crap. Please look out for her.