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  • Coast Guard Information

    Thank you for looking in this, the lost forum of the site, dedicated to the lost branch of the US Military.

    My name is Brian Raini, and I've served a full career in the Coast Guard (with some time in the Army before that), and now that I've retired I am still looking to help new Shipmates get their "feet wet."

    So - hit me with whatever questions you may have - I've got experience in all areas of the Coast Guard, from life aboard a Cutter to working at a Search and Rescue Station; from responding to natural (and manmade) disasters to working in our Aviation community. On top of this, I even spent a year in Iraq and Kuwait with one of our Port Security Units in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom!

    And who says that the Coast Guard only guards our OWN coasts??

    If I don't know the answer to your question, I can get it. To keep me from being underfoot now that I've retired, I now work at the local MEPS, so I still have my finger on the pulse of the military.

    So - ask away!

    Brian Raini
    USCG MCPO (Ret)

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    Welcome to the forum.

    This forum section wasn't even here a few weeks ago. Not until a CG recruiter came here and offered to help me out.

    I was finding it very difficult to verify some of the CG info I found even from as recently as 5-6 years ago. Out of fear of putting outdated info out there I just left my sites CG page pretty empty compared to the other branches.

    I even tried contacting the Auxiliary services to see if they could help me... but I just kept getting new email addresses of people I should contact. All I know about the CG comes from the Helmsman.

    The CG recruiter, CG Hendog, that came here and is currently gathering material for my site and this forum should be putting his info here any day now.

    Thank you for being a part of the forum and contributing to this underrepresented section.



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      You had sent me an invite via Yahoo!Answers back in May 2011, and I was in the process of retiring, so I sat on it... until today.

      If you want graphics for rate insignia (avatar stuff), just holler! I can get it all formatted and send it in a matter of hours. Let me know if there's anything else you want or need.

      I'm a crusty old fart with time on my hands, so hopefully I don't rock this boat too much. I'm just here to help.


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        Wow, I haven't been to yahoo answers in awhile. I have been so preoccupied with working on things here and growing the facebook page that I don't have much time to get back to yahoo. Thanks for remembering and coming by. The site and forum have come a long way since may.

        Once i receive the content from the CG recruiter and put it up on the sites pages and create new ones.. you will be welcomed to look it over and see if I should mention some things, leave out others and give your feedback on its applicability.


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          I have a few questions for ya. I am currently enlisted as an Air Force reservist. I am interested in transferring over into the Coast Guard, but I want to go active duty Coast Guard. Do you know if this is possible? I have not reached out to a recruiter yet, I have been trying to research it online first but I can not find any info. My current enlistment is up in June 2012, I will complete 9 years as a reservist. With some many years in will that affect me any? Also I am currently an E-6, will I be able to keep my rank? Do you have any info on Yeoman and Storekeeper?

          Thanks for you assistance!


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            It _IS_ possible - but the likelihood is up in the air.

            Since you are already in, you will be considered as Prior Service, and we don't get that many slots for prior service folks each year.

            The ONLY way you can keep your rank is to have an AFSC that directly translates into one of our ratings... and you don't. Unfortunately, the Air Force has specialized themselves to the point that you would need at least SEVERAL AFSC's to do what one of our ratings do. This means that you would have to take a hit ALL the way back down to E-3. Yeah, major hit, but if you end up in a rating you want, it will be worth it. I was an E-6 Infantryman when I came over many years ago. They offered me E-4, but ONLY has a Gunner's Mate - and I didn't want to go that route. So I did the unthinkable and took the huge hit and started over... and it was TOTALLY worth it for me - I would do it again in a heartbeat.

            Some Recruiting Offices don't like to work with Prior Service folks - others don't care. When you talk with a Recruiter, if they are reluctant to talk with you, ask them where the nearest office is that WILL talk with you. If you REALLY want to join, you'll commute wherever you need to go. I knew a guy with a BS degree that wanted to enlist - scored a 96 on the ASVAB and his local office in Jacksonville, FL, had already exceeded their recruiting goals for last year - so he commuted all the way to MONTGOMERY, AL, to talk with a Recruiter as the Alabama guys still had slots available. He drove 5-hours each way THREE TIMES... and is now stationed on a Cutter in Alaska. When I came over, my local office didn't want to let ANY prior service guys in, so I started making phone calls - and found an office SIX hours away...

            Your best bet is to go talk with a Recruiter and tell them everything in your e-mail up front. You can't come in with more than 10 years prior service - but that's ACTIVE service. The Recruiter will have the info. We'll give it to you straight. If we CAN'T get you in, we'll tell you. If we just don't want to talk with you, we'll tell you that as well. If you are told that we CAN'T, then you are screwed. If it's "Wanna", then start asking about other offices.

            With that much prior service time, you're going to get more money in your paychecks - once you make rate (get promoted).

            You can get the rating info for ALL of the ratings at the Recruiting website at UNITED STATES COAST GUARD: under the "Find Your Fit" tab.

            Good luck!!


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              Thank you for serving Master Chief Raini. It's nice to know that some people decided to go Coast Guard instead of the other more popular branches that steal all the Coast Guard's glory. Semper Paratus.


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                They don't steal our glory - just our press.

                The ONE complaint I have about the Coast Guard is that we do a LOUSY job of tooting our own horn. It isn't until things like Hurricane Katrina and Deepwater Horizon (the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf) that we get press.

                Did you know that the Marine Corps spends more in one of those USMC "I'm fighting a dragon" commercials than we spend for our ENTIRE annual public affairs budget?

                Oh well... and it isn't "Master Chief Raini" any more. I gave that up when I retired. It's "Brian" now. If you are nice about it, I'll even accept, "Dude." And from those dirty squids, I'll accept just about anything... as long as they can accept it back!


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                  LMAO...Dirty Squid's huh puddle Jumper!!...


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                    Originally posted by BRaini View Post
                    Oh well... and it isn't "Master Chief Raini" any more. I gave that up when I retired. It's "Brian" now. If you are nice about it, I'll even accept, "Dude." And from those dirty squids, I'll accept just about anything... as long as they can accept it back!
                    I'm calling you Master Chief Raini anyways.

                    WHATCHA GON' DO 'BOUT IT.


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                      Boats, call me what you want... Navy kids just call us, "Daddy."

                      And Zell, I can stick my tongue out at you AND not offer you any of my rum. So there!! I hope THAT lernt y'all a lesson!! (this 'Bama accent is KILLING me!)


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                        LMFAO....yeah keep dreaming OLD MAN!!!...


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                          Dirty squids and puddle jumpers, please stop fighting!


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                            Oh, that will NEVER happen! But when some Jarhead or GI-Joe comes up to kick my bottom parts, I know I can trust a squid to back me up... just like they can trust me to back THEM up.

                            Oh, and we don't have to worry about Zoomies... they NEVER start fights because their mommies won't let them!

                            (Inter-service rivalry and smack-talk will NEVER end!!)


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                              No matter what..we will talk shit and trash talk any branch of service it's been around for Ages..and Yes I will have A coastie's back just like he'll have a squid's back.....and we'll talk whatever the hell we want bout any branch of service....tho if someone who's never served again say anything bad bout any branch it's warrant's a Ass kicking no matter what branch you are from it's your right to kick his/her ass..depending on if your a male/female...