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  • AirBorne

    Does anyone know how I would go about getting Airborne added to my contract? I enlisted on 20111220.., I dnt ship til 20120522... Can I do it the day before I ship when I go back to MEPS or if I tell my Recruiter can He point me in the right direction?

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    When I was in AIT ('04-'05) I remember one of the DS asking if anyone wanted to go airborne. I'm not sure if you would be able to get it that way, but he was asking for volunteers. If thats not the case, my best advice would be talk to your recruiter.


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      Unfortunately, you may be screwed.

      You signed a contract that did not include airborne in it - this means that they are counting on you filling a slot that does not require being airborne qualified. If you try to change your contract, you are impacting the ENTIRE recruiting process. To quote what your Recruiter will PROBABLY say, "You should have thought of that before you signed the contract."

      As for Bobo's advice, every few AIT/OSUT classes (usually at Benning), the Airborne school has a couple of slots available from people that backed out (or got hurt before class and have to drop out). Do NOT count on being asked - and even if your AIT class is asked, what do you do if they solicit for three volunteers and 50 of you raise your hands??

      You can TRY to talk with your Recruiter, but don't count on anything.


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        If you are counting on getting asked in AIT keep your PT scores as high as you can there and in basic. My friend just got out of Airborne school a couple months ago and said they offer slots to PT studs first.


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          Yes the PT thing is true. In my last unit they would only send the people who scored the highest on the APFT. Even if you dont get it now, you always have after your IET is over and get permanently stationed somewhere.