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  • MOS choices.

    I'm trying to decide which MOS to choose. I'm choosing between these 3 fields: 12B (Combat Engineer) 31B (MP) and the 35 field (intelligence).

    To give you a little background: I'm not currently enlisted; but have been trying to join the Navy since last July. I am sitting on G, waiting on O. About 6 weeks ago I met with an Army recruiter, when I got too fed up with the Navy, and he (and everyone in his station) said that all the things I was being told (by the Navy that is) that I needed a waiver for and couldn't enlist because of were hogwash, and I was essentially good to go. Specifically anti-depression meds from 3 1/2 years ago, and a concern about dismissed and expunged drug charges. I have never and will never use, solicit, sell, gift, or otherwise distribute or partake in narcotics of any sort, and got a letter from the doctor stating that my problems were never large, suicidal, homicidal, etc.; and that he suggested my enlistment. My recruiter said that these things shouldn't, in theory, even need waivers.

    I've been able to take my ASVAB; but nothing else at MEPS yet. I scored a 92; which I'm told is exceptional and will allow me to do anything I want in the Army (that didn't sound cocky at all.)

    As far as recent stuff, I just got charged with a misdemeanor; but long story short I'm not being convicted or even prosecuted. Come June 5th, the charges will be nol prossed and I'll be taking the court disposition to my recruiter to set up a MEPs date.

    Now to the heart of the matter! I've spoken extensively to some friends I grew up with that are 12Bs and are in love with their job. I know an MP; but he's reserve and isn't a big fan cause he does a lot of sitting on post; however I'm interested in working with MP bomb squads and/or K-9 units. I'd also love to be a civilian Police Officer if the military doesn't work out as a career. Finally is the 35 field; which i'm told opens many doors in civilian life, and pays extraordinarily.

    Here are my deciding factors: I want first and foremost jobs with positions for E-6+ as I plan on being a career man. Secondly, although I am not a physical fiend right now; I've got a background in which I am used to and prefer doing a job that demands fitness on a daily basis. Thirdly, I'd like a job that I can transfer the experience to civilian life if I'm not able to stay in for 20-30+ years. Finally, I'd like a job that challenges me mentally everyday as well. The physical and mental challenge are very important to me.

    I'd love anyone's insight on what would fit me best; and just in general any comments, concerns or questions about my situation in general! I've been talking to people from all over the country, some are friends, some I've just met on here or tumblr even! I have gained a tremendous amount of information because my pursuits, and would love to answer anyone else's questions as they arise. Thanks in advice for your help!
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    I have some insight for you. As far as civilian jobs after your service, I believe the best bet would be MP or Intelligence. When I was active right before I ETSd, I had to make a choice of what I wanted to do after I got out. I narrowed my choice down to firefighter or police. From what I gathered during my "research" of what would be required to obtain the job, if you are an MP you dont need to go to a police academy (I think) just take the state certification test. (FYI I chose firefighter, and its hard to find a job)

    Next little bit of insight for you. The last 3 years of my active service I was in an engineer battalion (route clearance, K-9, bridge, sapper etc). 12B IS a combat MOS, and from what I have seen, combat MOSs usually have low promotion point standards. I had a buddy who was a 12B, with less time in service than me (I was a total of 5 years active), he ETSd as an E6, and he was kind of a dirt bag. ( just pointing out how easy it was for him). Engineers also have a K-9 program, we had them in our battalion. I dont know much about them, except that they are basically bomb sniffing dogs. Not much I can think of that 12B could transfer to in civilian life.

    Which ever one you choose, 12B or 31B, training for both MOS are at Fort Leonardwood. Not a bad place, I spent 3 years there, but I am from a small town in Texas so I was used to it.

    Some points to take away from my post, and they are based on what I have seen/experienced, not necessarily true in all cases:
    -Combat MOSs promote faster, 12B is a combat MOS
    -12B has a K-9 program too
    -31B and 35 series have, IMO, the best chance for civilian employment
    -PT, PT, PT! start yesterday, be prepared, especially if you are considering 12B or 31B
    -Every job in the military will challenge you mentally