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    How does one go about getting this option during enlistment? What is the process of someone with that option after enlistment? What is the success rate of people that attempt SFAS with the 18x option?

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    You REALLY aren't going to like my answer...

    It's actually pretty easy to get the 18X option - just tell your Recruiter that you want it - and they'll tell you if your ASVAB qualifies you for it. The success rate for the new kids in the SFAS once they are eligible for it is just as crappy as for regular soldiers. BUT - the difference is that if an 18X fails SFAS, they are reclassed into whatever MOS the Army needs, since they aren't qualified to perform the duties of the 18-series. This is just heart-breaking for the new 18X kids.

    I just sat through a meeting for the local Army Recruiting Command about this topic.



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      So, if someone fails then its any MOS army needs as in from all MOS' in army not just say infantry?


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        It is any MOS that the person's ASVAB scores qualify them and there is a need. If you did well on your ASVAB (which you have to to be able to qualify for 18X), you then qualify for many MOS's (if not all). This means that if you flunk out of SFAS, you could potentially end up going to AIT for anything from Infantry to cook to pharmacy tech.

        HOWEVER, in today's climate, with the Army drawing down like it is, the odds are much higher that you would just be discharged for failing to qualify for your MOS. That would REALLY suck.


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          Thank you for replying. So, from your knowledge which MOS' does the army need most of currently?