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Ft. Benning

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  • Ft. Benning

    Anyone else here leaving to Benning in July?
    and whats the weather like there at that time? I assume hot, humid and miserable but I still cant wait to leave.

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    Hot and humid. Expect buckets of rain to come out of no where and vanish as quickly as it appeared.


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      I'm going to argue with muffe.

      The rain just doesn't magically "vanish" - it turns to steam and STAYS there!!

      I went to Benning on 02JUN over 30 years ago... and it was a female dog the entire time. At night it got down to about 85 degrees... and most of the summer was "Black Flag" which meant that it was well over 90 with the heat index.

      I never saw it "sprinkle" - when rain comes, it is like someone turns on a fire hose... and then it stops. All that water turns to steam and it becomes nearly unbearable.

      And then someone screws up and you have to drop down to the OMG hot ground and do push-ups - pushing Georgia to China (or so we used to say). We actually had people get blisters on their palms from the heat on the asphalt and the ground.

      Don't worry - it ends, eventually.

      Welcome aboard!


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        When I went back to Indiana last summer after living in los angeles for a few years I was quickly reintroduced to thunderstorms, humidity and mosquitoes.

        Which made it easy to leave again... although the weather Dallas isnt what I pictured, it is still better than summer by the Ohio river.


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          Sounds like fun, still cant wait to leave haha


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            ouch haha...ill stick with great lakes and the full indoor RTC :}