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  • Time in Service

    Confirming that my time in the DEP counts towards my time in service. I officially joined the DEP 09 Jan 2011 and go into BMT Nov. 13. Should be out of Tech School by next Nov.

    Does this mean that I will have almost 2 years time in service by the time I graduate Tech School?

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    The time you serve in DEP does count towards your IRR... but not against your service obligation (2,4,6,ect years of active duty).

    Almost every enlistment contract is an 8 year enlistment... it might be only 4 years active and four years Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), but it is still 8 years. IRR means that if WW3 broke out, they would call you up before they would start a national draft.

    And technically yes... you would have accrued almost 2 years of time... but you didn't actually serve 2 years time.

    So when you actually are in, and people ask about your time is service... don't include your dep time... that would make you look like a water head lol

    They mean the day you show up for boot camp.
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      you just saved me from quite a bit of ridicule lol thanks!


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        Thats my primary mission here... to save you guys from getting laughed at lol


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          Are you technically a recruit or an E-1 when you are in BMT? Would the DEP time contribute to your TIG for E-1 or does that start after you graduate?


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            In DEP, you have no rank or rate - you are a civilian. Your DOR is the day you report to MEPS and ship out for BMT.